Ceremonies by Jasmine

Rev. Jasmine Loney

Rev. Jasmine Loney Interfaith Minister


I was born and raised in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean.  I worked as an educator for seventeen years before moving to the United States. Once settled in the United States, I began my private practice.  In the past fifteen years I have worked in various healing modalities.  I have supported women in childbirth, provided tools for those seeking a more holistic approach to life and  supported the terminally ill in their dying process.

I come from a Roman Catholic and Hindu background that was situated in a multi-religious society.  Being surrounded by other Christians as well as Muslims and other lesser known traditions provided me with a unique understanding of and ability to be ‘present’ in any religious context. This lived reality in my family of origin as well as the past sixteen years of living in the similarly diverse cultures of the United States created in me a desire to become an ordained Interfaith Minister. My training allows me to provide tradition appropriate counsel and services.